c bronze

medali〓st Chen Jin●, Jiangs

u ■took men's te○am gold med

al〓 in fourth ●consecutive Nation〓al Games after ●beating Fujian◆

3-0, whose previo●us best was■ the champion ◆at the seventh Nati●onal Games in● 1993. Earlier in■ the morning■, newly

crow◆ned world champio●n Lu Lan led J●iangsu women'●s team to lift〓 the title in 16 y●ears by taking down● Guangdon

g 3●-1.Chen Jin, wo

r〓ld No. 4, op●ened the win●ning start for Ji○angsu men's ●team after outplayin●g Chen Long,■ world No. 17 a●nd world Juni●or champion, 2■1-17, 25-23.C●hen Jin trailed i◆n the first set 10-○6 but earned six p●oint in a ■row at 12-6. Th◆en Chen Long tr◆ied to turn a●round before Chen ○Jin levele●d the score at 1■6-16 and won the gam◆e 21-17. The seco◆nd set proved a see○saw one as the two ●sides leveled a○t 8-8, 11-○11, 17-17 befor〓e Che


led at 20-18◆. Chen Long sav?/p>

d two game points t◆o level at 20-20 bef●ore conceding● to Chen Jin 25-23 a○nd finishing th●e 64-minute duel."J●iangsu's goal was ○defending the title●. I was un■der

great press◆ure as I playe■d the first match. I◆ have been prepared 〓for three games s●ince Chen Long is yo○ung and talented. ■He dominated 〓well on the n◆et during the mat

Dolore massasoluta nobis est
eligendi omnis volutasa
ere on Tues?/a>

was a hard one.〓"Chen Long sa〓id


r defeating G■uangdong 3-1

at th〓e 11th Chinese ○National Gam〓es here on T○uesday.It's the ●second tim●e for Jiangsu to en◆ter the finals since〓 1997 and to

li●ft the tit◆le since 1993. Wh●ile for Guangdong, ●they have won silve○r medals at t◆hree consecutiv●e National Games.●Lu, world No. ●8, battled her natio

○nal teammat■e Xie Xing■fang, t

wice wor●ld

champion and 〓Olympic runne?/p>

駌-up.In the 42-min○ute match, Lu l◆ed the first game 4◆-0 before Xi●e managed t■o cut the deficit ◆and leveled■ the score〓 at 12-12.● When Xie tr■ailed 20-16, she sav●ed three game points● before losing○ 21-19.In the s●econd set, L■u led all the way an■d never looked■ back to

secure 〓a comfortable win 2○1-9."I

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